At Advanced Nutrients we believe work should be fun. Let's face it: most jobs are boring, unfulfilling, and lead nowhere. A job is something people do just to get paid. Screw that! Work should make you excited to hop out of bed in the morning. It should be a fun, fulfilling, and educational experience.

That's why, at Advanced Nutrients, we're thumbing our noses at the regular ol' 9-5 soul-sucking workday and replacing it with an entirely new model. One that pays you to create, learn, grow, and have fun. We believe work should be like play.

Which is why we're known as one of the coolest places to work in the world. Yes, we DO work hard and we get things done. But we also have a great time! And yeah, some of the stuff we do to make Advanced Nutrients such a great place to work at may seem a bit strange, especially if you come from the regular ol' boring job world. But hey, the old way of doing things doesn't work, so we found a better way and that's how we're doing it. And just like we don't expect our teammates to conform to the status quo, we don't conform to it either.

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Grow your career. Bloom into the community. Put your Roots down.

You will have a career you can be proud of when people ask, “What do you do?”

You know that moment when you're meeting new people and it's your turn to tell your story? Well the 'career' part of your story will be awesome. Why? Because you'll be a member of a global team that is not just leading in our industry, but changing the whole world.

Every day is a chance to contribute something meaningful to a worthy cause, whether it's promoting scientific literacy, fighting for civil liberties, making the holidays bright for those in need through our Holiday Heroes campaign, or just spreading the word about the latest breakthrough in hydroponics. Many of this happens in the Advanced Nutrients labs and offices!


You'll be part of a winning team – with a purpose

It's often said, and wisely, that you're the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

My Mom told me growing up, “Son, if you hang around the barber shop long enough, you're going to get a haircut.” There's a million ways to say it: The company you keep matters. And here you'll be surrounded by people who are passionate, have integrity and are dedicated to the mission.

Besides that, most of our team are A-list professionals and leaders in their respective industries. How quickly could you level up in life if all your colleagues are the best of the best? How many chances do you get to play on the dream team?


The most unique and progressive work culture you can imagine

We're a team. And a team is a home. Because of that, we're interested in the personal success of our teammates. When one of us wins, we all win. Are you interested in professional development and attending a seminar or workshop relevant to your position, one that will help the team if you attend? Done.

Need to take a class to polish up some professional skills? We'll cover it. Are you passionate about making a positive change in the world? Or even just for the workplace? Just say the word.

We're listening.

This team will work together to make sure we're all advancing in life.

Further, we’re dedicated to regularly attend trainings as a team and take team building trips. Last year, we all shacked up in a boutique hotel in Seattle to attend Nancy Duarte's Resonate workshop. The year before that, there were fishing trips, and an outing with an Olympic Bobsled team (yes, it was just like Cool Runnings). What will we do next year? If you've got what it takes, you may be helping us vote on that!


Unusual Freedom

Do you believe that a happy worker is a productive worker? We do. We know it, because we've tested it. And you know what we've found makes people happy? Being in charge of your own life. Listen, we have an important mission to accomplish.

But so long as you hold up your end of the bargain, you will have an unheard-of autonomy to get the job done. You will have huge control over your work schedule, the structure of your day, and how you accomplish your mission.

You'll even get access to free tools and resources that save you time and money that you simply wouldn't anywhere else.


You'll grow like never before

This team believes that school is never out. We're constantly seeking state of the art training and information that will give us the edge over the competition. We love challenges. We love growth. And we're here to help you with yours.


You will be on a real adventure

The characters you meet, and the experience you gain here, will go with you everywhere. To be able to see behind the curtain of such a big business, in such a controversial industry, is an experience most people will never have.

You'll learn lessons here that will serve you for the rest of your life. You'll learn about local and international politics. About marketing. About community dynamics. And a whole lot about plant science. (Seriously, brace yourself for a technical on-the-job education like nothing you've imagined).


You'll have fun

At Advanced Nutrients, you'll have fun. It's hard not to. There's no normal workday here. We know, because all of our friends have normal workdays, and we hear all about them. Plus, your teammates aren't just professionals. They are happy, fulfilled people! You'll hear it on conference calls. You'll see it when your work is peer-reviewed. And you'll love waking up every day knowing that work is the place you want to be.


Advanced Nutrients is the leading manufacturer and supplier of organic and hydroponic nutrients in 75 countries across the globe.

We nourish the world by designing nutrients that create the healthiest plants and vegetables possible.

What people put into their bodies is important. Everyone knows this. But what goes into what people put into their bodies is equally as important.

And that's where we come in. We nourish the stuff that nourishes you.
And a lot goes into making this happen.

Regardless of whether you fit into the role of Marketing Expert, Scientist, Growing Specialist or any one of the other dozens of positions we have here, you'll be playing a key role in improving the lives of people all over this planet.

At Advanced Nutrients, we're united by one common goal: Help the hydroponic growers and farmers of the world grow the healthiest plants and vegetables possible.
Your challenge is to help us find new and exciting ways to continue reaching this goal.


Choosing to work for Advanced Nutrients was the best career decision I've ever made. I get to challenge myself, my skills and learn new things every day. And the entire team is made out of the most unique and inspiring people, making me extra happy to get up and come to work. - Hollee



It's awesome!
It's fun, challenging and fulfilling, with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

Imagine being able to hang out and collaborate with a group of the craziest, most passionate, and most intelligent people around.
Discovering fresh new, innovative ideas and out-of-the-box strategies.
Staying on the cutting edge of your field; whether it's science, marketing, sales, communications, business, management, SEO, or customer service.

Being encouraged to propose and implement even your most far-out ideas.
Helping the world to enjoy the absolute healthiest and most nourishing plants and vegetables possible.

Being a part of a rapidly growing 90-million-dollar company that has an annual growth of 43.56% five years running.


"Everyone's opinion matters in Advanced Nutrients. The company is welcoming and understanding and there are no biased prejudices. I feel comfortable and happy to come here each day and am treated like family by my amazing team members.
And on top of that, Advanced Nutrients offers tremendous opportunities for personal as well as professional growth.
There's just no way I could not fit everything I love about this company into few sentences. I feel SO blessed to be working at Advanced Nutrients - Teri



Advanced Nutrients is heavily involved in charity and philanthropic work, including...

  • Feeding thousands of Bulgarian families each year through its Holiday Heroes program.
  • Supporting individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference in the world.
  • Helping to ease the pain and suffering of injured war veterans.
  • Giving millions of dollars' worth of nutrients away to assist the sick, needy, and dying people of the world.
  • Building classrooms in Uganda.
  • Helping to break the cycle of poverty by lending seed money to people in developing countries who dream of starting small businesses but simply can't afford to do so.

Advanced Nutrients is all about making the world a better place.
And by being part of our team, that's exactly what YOU WILL be doing—making the world a better place while having the time of your life doing it.

Plus, you'll be learning new skills and ways of thinking that will allow you to advance and enjoy a generously increasing salary, while at the same time making you an extremely valuable asset to the marketplace.

Because, not only do we like making the world a better place, we also like helping people improve as well. We're here to help you achieve new things and rise to new heights you never thought possible.
Best of all, you'll be getting paid to do the work you love.


At Advanced Nutrients the training is top-notch, the compensation is exceptional, and the team environment is friendly and welcoming. And I love knowing that what I do is truly making a difference in the world! - Talissa



At Advanced Nutrients, we want you to jump out of bed each morning—excited to tackle new challenges, learn new things and grow as a person.

We want you to look forward to your work.
Plain and simple, we want you to be happy. Because we know that if you're happy and love what you do, you're going to excel at it and help us continue bringing the flat-out best products we can to the market, so we can keep on creating the happiest growers and farmers possible.

This is why we do everything in our power to make your workday as fun and as fulfilling as we can.
That's just how we roll here.

Because if you're happy, we're happy.


Advanced Nutrients is a company where your ideas are valued, the entire team is upbeat and hilarious, and the general sentiment of respect and caring is ingrained into the company culture. I've never been with a company that encouraged personal and professional growth more, nor cared as much about each and every one of its team members.
From day one I've been proud to say that I'm a part of the Advanced Nutrients family! - Tiffany



At Advanced Nutrients, we believe in pulling you up, empowering you and helping you reach your goals... not only your goals at Advanced Nutrients, but your own personal goals as well.
We realize that you may not stay with us forever, and we're ok with that. We want what's best for YOU.

We want you to follow your heart and dreams and walk the path you want to walk—while you're working with Advanced Nutrients and beyond.

You see, we know that by lifting you up, we also lift ourselves up. Which is why we want you to learn everything you can while you're here, whether if it's for 2 years or for 20 years.

One way we make this possible is by investing in the best training and educational programs available anywhere on the planet. We then pay you to go through the programs, study them and implement what you learn.

We do this so not only can we continue to be the best at what we do, but so you can stay at the forefront of your field and become the very best at what you do as well.
We're here to support your growth, goals, and path in business and life.


It's so damn inspiring to be part of a team whose leaders are so free-minded and who are able to 'infect' the people around them with their positive and "can-do" attitude. Each day you become a little more daring as you wake up to the fact that everything is possible. - Stanislav



We don't have "coworkers" at Advanced Nutrients.
We are all team members working together and bringing our unique skills, strengths, ideas, and personalities to the table.

Our culture of happiness not only attracts applicants from all over the world; it attracts the best of the best—the ones who drive the world forward.

If we mutually decide that you'd be a good fit for our team, you'll be surrounded not only by some of the brightest minds in the industry, but some of the happiest, most positive, driven, interesting, and purposeful people you'll ever meet.

Your team members will challenge you, encourage you and help you rise to new levels in the business and in LIFE.


I don't consider Advanced Nutrients as my employer, I consider them my family. I've never worked for a company that genuinely cared for their employees as they do here. I love everyone I work with and that makes me love my job! - January



We want those who live life to the beat of a different drummer and are sure of who they are and what they stand for.

The free and forward thinkers, innovators, and creators whose ideas and words inspire, spark the imagination, and powerfully connect.

The rebels, outcasts, and David`s in a world of Goliath`s, who come from the least likely of places.
The ones who tread where others fear to go, dislike conforming to the norm, and don't care much for the man or his machine, because they truly embrace freedom.

The ones who are hard to fool, because they have a clear perspective on the world and see things for what they really are.

The ones fiercely aware of what's right and what's wrong, who speak their minds and take no prisoners.

The ones who look at life differently and can't be pigeonholed by society or put into a box.
The ones who see possibilities where others see only problems.

The renegades whose ideas are sometimes out on the fringe... the ragged edge.
The ones who are open to the possibilities and realities that change the world.

They see them as fish out of water, the troublemakers and oddballs. We see them as gifted, profound, and uniquely brilliant.

THAT'S who we are, and that's who we're looking for.


Working at Advanced Nutrients has been a huge eye-opener for me. Every morning I get up and feel excited about going to work; before Advanced Nutrients I've NEVER felt this way. I get to the office and can't wait to see what the day will bring.
The company genuinely cares for their employees and it shows with how happy we all are. - Katherine



We're looking for top players who are driven, love life, and don't make excuses for who they are.
If this sounds like you, we're inviting you to an opportunity to come on board.

And what's awesome is that you'll be making an impact here from your very first day.
Right out of the gate you'll be encouraged to use your initiative mind and help shape your role in our company. We know there are always better ways of doing things, and part of your job is to help us find these ways.

Unlike a lot of companies where you're told to do things a certain way and to not question anything, at Advanced Nutrients, we WANT your questions.

We want to learn from YOU!

Just like we don't want or expect our team members to settle, we refuse to settle as well.
That's one of the things that makes Advanced Nutrients the leaders at what we do. But it's the people at Advanced Nutrients that make this company so great.

So, if you feel like you can be a valuable asset to us, and if applying for a career with Advanced Nutrients feels right in your gut, then we'd LOVE to hear from you.

How to join the team

What to expect and what you'll need

To apply to Advanced Nutrients, you will need the following:

  • A video cover letter, posted through YouTube*. No more than one minute long. No less than thirty seconds.
  • Your résumé, as a PDF.
  • Your portfolio, preferably uploaded to a website you can send us a link to.

Step 1

When you find a position you think is right for you, send your application to careers@advancednutrients.com. Tell us why you think you're right for this position, and what you bring to it.

Step 2

Once you make the applicants' list, you'll be entered into a screening process. If we find a potential match, you will be shortlisted further and contacted for an interview.

Step 3

The interview. See the tips below for more details. But the gist of it is the same here as is anywhere. We need to talk, to see if we're a good fit for each other. This isn't just you under a spotlight either. You're allowed, and encouraged, to grill us for answers. Don't be shy. Ask us everything you want. We appreciate a good challenge.

There may be more than one round of interviews, where you get the chance to meet your peers and supervisor/manager. Depending on the position, you may be required to go through additional testing and verifications.

Step 4

The offer. If you are the successful candidate, you will be contacted with an offer of employment. This is the negotiating phase, and if you've made it this far, you're just about a part of the team.

Once you're on the team

So you've had your interview, it went great, and you're officially part of the Advanced Nutrients team. Now what?

A member of the Human Resources team will meet you on your first day in the office. They will conduct Orientation and go over all the necessary new hire paperwork, including tax forms, benefits forms, and the company handbook. You will be taken on an office tour and have the chance to meet the team and learn the layout of the office. You will also be assigned a buddy, to help ease the transition and make sure you are taken care of.

From there, you're off to the races! Throughout your employment at Advanced Nutrients, you'll get the opportunity to develop as a skilled professional in your chosen trade. You'll be put in positions to network with the top professionals from your field and even branch out into other areas, if you're interested.

Tips to Apply

1. For your video
Tell us about what drives you, and what you hope to accomplish here. Explain how your skills and work ethic will contribute to the team. The more specific you are, the better.

2. Interview tips
Relax. "Interview" can be an intimidating word. We prefer to think of it as a "fireside chat" instead. We'll tell you everything you need to know to be prepared. All you've got to do is show up and talk to us. Here's how:

3. Learn about us
Visit our Website or Facebook page. Get familiar with our market and our product line. You don't have to memorize our ingredients list or anything crazy, but if we talk about beneficial microbials, the Sensi® line, or pH Perfect®, you should be able to follow along.

4. Explore the culture
Our culture attracts all kinds of people. Being able to talk to those people about what they're passionate about is a key part of everyone's job here at Advanced. If you're caught up on the news for the industry, all the better.

5. Know the role you want, inside and out
Be sure you're applying for the job you want, and that it matches your talents best. If you stay focused on what really lights you up, and where you have the most to contribute to the team, it'll be a win-win situation.

6. It's okay to be honest
We want to know who you are. Really. Our industry is different, to put it mildly. We're okay with rebels and people who break the mold. And we're interested in who it is we're going to be working with. So, be ready to tell us what you're all about.

7. Challenge us
We invite you to ask whatever you like. Put us on the hot seat! We want you to have confidence in the team, and the best way to do that is for you to test us.

8. Observe
The best way to build a real connection is to listen to the person in front of you. There's an old Zen story that talks about a university professor and a Zen master. The master is trying to explain something to the professor, only the professor can't seem to listen, because he's already certain he knows better. So, the master offers the professor some tea. But even after the cup is full, the master keeps pouring. The professor yells, "The cup is full, why are you still pouring?" to which the master replies, "You are like this cup. If you want to learn, you have to become empty first."

We want team members who know how to listen when it's time to learn.

9. Show us what you can do
Be prepared to show us what makes you tick, and what you're capable of. If you've got a portfolio ready to go, we want to see it. If you're interested in new trends or technologies that you know would take us to the next level, you've got our attention. Now show us!

*  Required only for related positions.

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Advanced Nutrients is guided by a simple philosophy: let's leave the world better than we found it. Whenever we can, we work to make the world a better place for everyone. If that motivates you, then we'll make a great team.

One of the biggest ways we do this is, all around the world, we work to support those that are fighting for civil rights and freedom. We've supported marches in Prague, Expos in Spain and the United States, and in Bulgaria, our CEO and founder Michael Straumietis has started two major movements to help the common people. The “Holiday Heroes” campaign, which parallels “Toys for Tots” in the U.S., as well as Nova Bulgaria, the first serious political party generated through social media; for the people, by the people.

But there is new and exciting work to be done.

That's where you come in.

We want to know, as The Who famously asked, Who are you? And what position do you want to play on our team? This page is for the people who know they can bring home a win for Advanced Nutrients, but none of the specific job listings we have match what you have in mind, or where your skills are at.

Which is fine by us. Drop us a line anyway, and we'll listen. We're growing, and we want to know who's coming with us.

Apply for a job

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